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Breathtopia: A Stress Management Workshop

Emphasis: Move through those moments of feeling out of control and into a place of calm

Recommended length: 3 hours


Participants learn six simple breathing techniques that offers multiple benefits from reducing hypertension, cleaning the mind, enhancing concentration, eliminating headaches, lowering anxiety and blood pressure, expelling tension, ending insomnia, and balancing mood swings/hot flashes. Simple techniques will enable you to learn how to change how you feel in less than one minute! Easy enough to use when you need them most at any time of the day. Learn these easy techniques for your Self. Bring a loved one or someone who you know could benefit from learning how to relax!

The Elusive Psoas
Emphasis: Core
Recommended length: 3-6 hours


The psoas muscle is responsible for proper balance and general body support. It maintains body structure and body relationships. It can well exert a vital influence on bodily well-being. Its close proximity to the diaphragm implies that imperfect psoas function reflects into the diaphragm and into the ribcage. Anything directly affecting the psoas also affects the pelvis and its contents. Learn new postures for developing the psoas with unique postures guaranteed to enhance core strength, muscle tone, balance, and stamina. Participants move into a Taoist flow of postures that incorporate continuous smooth and circular motions that promote ease, fluidity, and grace in the body.

Backbends and Twists
Emphasis: Spinal strength
Recommended length: 2.5–3 hours


The Spine is The Tree of Life. Backbends reverse the aging process and fill the body and heart with vitality and joy. Many of us have lower back, shoulder, or neck issues that limit our ability to do backbends or twists. Through a safe approach, Deanna will guide you through a series of backbends and twists that in combination will bring openness to your body, joy to your heart, and enthusiasm to continue moving. No matter what your age, issue, or experience level is, you can work toward developing a supple spine and recharge your life!

* Some props provided. Contact the instructor to discuss the group and site needs.

Let Go of Fear: Going Upside Down
Emphasis: Inversions
Recommended length: 3.0 hours

Inversions are the ultimate step toward rejuvenating the body and reversing the aging process by relieving pressure on the organs. Whether you are advanced in your practice or curious, learn methods of experiencing inversions even if afraid, or have physical limitations preventing you from “letting go” and floating upside down. Modified inversions, bridge and shoulder stand, forearm stand, peacock, and headstand are covered with props and variations.


Yoga for Cancer Patients and Their Caretakers
Emphasis: Stress management
Recommended length: 2 hours

This workshop has been presented in numerous hospitals around the tri-state area. Developed specifically for individuals moving through cancer treatment, chemo, and radiation, this workshop addresses how one can manage one's stress and uncertainty while gaining a sense of control over one's emotions and thoughts during a challenging journey as a person moving through cancer, or the caretaker. Workshop for cancer patients tailored to address the limitations of movement.


Yoga Teacher Training

200-hour and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program coming soon. Currently this program is offered only in conjunction with registered yoga schools. A $10 fee and written assignment will be required for those interested in yoga alliance CEUs

Phildelphia Yoga Wokshop
Philadelphi Yoga Workshop
Philadelphia Yoga Workshop
Philadelphia Yoga Workshop
Philadelphia Yoga Workshop

Tailored to meet the needs of your group, whether corporate wellness days, professional development or Yoga Alliance continuing teacher education units, let's create a day for clientele to look forward to.

Delight in an enticing non-competitive space while surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals.  Adjustments are made to facilitate the needs of various group situations. 

To book a workshop email Deanna at

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