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Group Instruction/Corporate Spaces

A clean, airy, comfortable well-lit space is most suitable for conducting group classes. A large training room or office with an open space enough to accommodate an arm and leg space around each participant is all that is needed.  Conference centers may not have yoga mats or props. Deanna is capable of modifying content to work with the space and items available. Carpeted surfaces can be covered with towels if participants do not have their own mats. Chairs and walls make excellent props. What is most important is for people to have enough space between one another to not bump into one another during movements. 


Participants should wear something loose-fitting and comfortable without binding straps or belts.


NO SPECIAL EQUIPMENT NEEDED! Participants could purchase a good-quality yoga mat. They are widely available online and at sporting goods and big-box retailers such as Target. As students deepen their personal practice they may want to invest in additional props such as blankets, belts, blocks, and bolsters.   Towels can be substituted for mats.  Neckties and leather belts can be used as alternative strap props if individuals have traveled far in a conference setting, or are taking a class for the first time.  Equipment packages are an optional add-on to the fee but are available upon requuest.


Each participant should alert the instructor before class of any injuries, recent/past surgeries, or limitations that might prevent him/her from performing certain poses. 


A standard release of liability waiver is required from each participant before instruction begins. 

A download of the liability waiver will be mailed to the organizer once a payment commitment has been confirmed. 

Cancellation Policy 

Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance of your scheduled lesson or class time. Students or groups who cancel later than 48 hours will be responsible for full payment. 

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