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Externally you will appear toned and graceful;

Internally you feel unified, balanced and steely strong

 Anxiety and Stress Management.
Universal Healing Tao Instructor
Tao Yin Yoga.
Iron Shirt Chi Gong.
Inner Smile Meditation.

30+ years experience


Tao Yin Yoga. Iron Shirt Chi Gong. Tai Chi: A Journey Inside Yourself


Tao Yin integrates the Chinese medical model of meridians and pathways to open the body. Unique postures promote stillness, clear energetic blockages, enhance circulation, develop deep core strength, muscle tone, balance, and stamina. 

Guided visualizations enable the participant to move into a meditative state for deepening one's practice while transcending perceived limitations.  Tao Yin postures are done primarily on the floor allowing the body to receive support from the earth while opening into the pose like a flower opening into a bloom. Soft flowing movements promote space between the joints while inviting fluidity, flexibility, and grace in the body. 


Iron Shirt Chi Gong involves prolonged engagement of tendons while sustaining standing postures. 

Tai Chi enhances strength in the core and lower extremities while engaging in focused meditative movements.


The outcome of these practices over time is:


  • A noticeable rehabilitation of a range of motion; increased flexibility & joint mobility.

  • Skills for maintaining a balanced emotional state.

  • Improved metabolism/ health of the internal organs.

  • A deep steely strength. ​





Deanna is an educator dedicated to meeting individuals where they are at the moment while facilitating one’s awareness of how very capable we are of changing how we feel by changing how we move and breathe.  Using guided imagery with a focus on developing a meditative state prior to beginning any movement aids individuals in feeling competent, capable and confident.  Deanna guides students on their inward journey to gain flexibility, build concentration, reduce stress of the mind and body, and tap into natural abilities to create positive, healing energy from within.



Deanna has extensive experience working with a wide breadth of people of all ages and levels of mental and physical abilities. Combining her skills as an educator, yogi, and former art therapist.  She has sought authentic yoga masters who are the most experienced to further her unquenchable desire to learn more about the healing opportunities we can all learn to tap into through the body and mind. Deanna has taught well over 6000 documented hours of stress management and yoga in private classes, workshops, seminars, lectures and corporate strategic planning sessions.  She has led demonstrations at private and public events, and for conventions locally and throughout the U.S.  She continues to broaden her studies of yoga, Chi Gong, meditation and Tai Chi as often as possible with her favorite instructors: USA Master Paulie Zink, and with Grandmaster Mantak Chia of the Universal Healing Tao.




Certification and Credentials:

  • Continuing Education Provider, Yoga Alliance since 2016.

  • Universal Healing Tao Instructor Certifications:  Iron Shirt Chi-Gong, Microcosmic Orbit, Healing Sounds. Tao Yin Yoga. Chaing Mai, Thailand. 

  • Yoga Express Board of Experts panel. Manhattan, NY. 2011.

  • Certified: Lin Zi Chi Kung level 1 Spirit Wind School. Philadelphia, PA. 2011.

  • Certified: Taoist Yoga with Paulie Zink. Lenox, MA. 2008.

  • Registered ERYT 500 through Yoga Alliance. 2003.

  • Certified: Tao Yin yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Gong studies with Master Youngmann Park of Korea. 1998.

  • Certified: Taoist Yoga, through Spirit Wind with Sifu Chik Mason.  Philadelphia, PA. 1996.


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